Branded Lessons


What Are Branded Lessons?

  • These are the lessons given for the promotion and teaching of the products that have gained status and made a name within the companies that we cooperate with under the name of the CO-OP program.

  • These lessons are given by the company authorities and through joint studies with the academicians of our university.

  • In this way, our students will have detailed information about the company they do their internship and the work done in that field, and they will gain professional experience.

What Are The Benefits of Branded Lessons?

  • The fact that the subjects not covered in the curriculum are taught by companies in practice and the experience they gain will provide students a great advantage.

  • In this way, the student will expand their knowledge and experience by blending both the knowledge and experience gained from their education and the professional experience gained from the company.

  • This situation is also a plus for the companies we cooperate with, for it is an opportunity for them to represent their business areas more accurately and to provide information.