What is COOP?

CO-OP is the abbreviation of “Cooperative Education Program.

  • Its primary goal is to simultaneously prepare university students who take a new step in their education life for business life, and to introduce them to the business world and to bring them together.

  • In the conventional system, students generally enter business life after graduating from the relevant departments of universities and blend the theoretical information they have learned with business life.

  • CO-OP is an organization established to further strengthen this order and to quickly bring to life the moments when knowledge is applied to practice.

  • With this program, university students experience a full-time career in the fields they think will be suitable for them before they graduate.

  • Putting the theoretical knowledge into practice during the course of education will both benefit our students in terms of self-confidence and enable them to make a good entrance into business life.

  • We believe that career guidance with accurate information will provide great benefits to our students both throughout their education and internship experience.

  • Therefore, as Haliç University, we attach importance to the CO-OP education model.


So how does our process begin?

Every junior or senior student in our university can participate in this program.

  • First of all, we conduct a detailed interview with our student and set a course.

  • In line with the information given to us by our students, our strong and experienced staff ensures that the route is as accurate and efficient as possible.

  • After conducting the interview and filling the necessary forms, we begin the joint process we carry out with the HR (Human Resources) departments of the companies.

  • Since this process will take place in the form of a real recruitment process for students, our student directly experiences this process.

  • We would like to point out that WE will be the biggest supporter of our students in the process.

  • We believe that they will get 100% efficiency from the program with their individual effort and the support they will receive from us.

How long is the duration of the CO-OP program?

  • Although the duration of the CO-OP programs varies according to the company where our student will do their internship, it is possible to extend or shorten these periods if the necessary contracts are signed.


How do we follow up on our students during the CO-OP process?

  • The CO-OP Directorate does the follow-up of the student who enters the CO-OP process with the companies.

  • The workplace environment, adaptation process, and mutual assessments of the student and the company are listened to and taken into account during the visits.