Merge Corner


It brings together the human resources officials of companies with our students.

  • We host HR teams at our university for a day, enabling them to come together with students and exchange ideas at a professional level.

  • At our "MERGE CORNER" in our CO-OP unit, human resources officials from companies conduct different interviews with students throughout the day.

  • As a result of these interviews, the student gets more detailed information about the company, and the company officials can directly answer the requests and questions from the student.


Another advantage of these meetings is that the authorities can directly listen to new project proposals and different ideas from students.

  • In this way, they can give them one-on-one support on how they can follow a sectoral path while realizing their ideas and projects.

  • At the end of all meetings, notes and information about the meetings are collected in the pool of both our unit and the company.

  • Thus, it is recorded for future evaluation in different areas and departments of the business world.